Volatility Ratings

The volatility rating of a fund indicates how much the fund price might move compared to other funds. The higher the volatility rating, the less stable the fund price is likely to be. You can use this to help you choose between funds with different volatility ratings.

The volatility ratings of our funds are calculated using the European Security and Markets Authority (ESMA) guidelines, which use a 7 point scale to rate funds based on 5 year annualised volatilities.

Higher volatility ratings typically mean greater potential investment returns over the longer term. But high volatility funds can suddenly fall or rise in value.

Volatility ratings are regularly reviewed and the ratings may change over time.

The volatility rating is not the only factor you should consider when selecting a fund. If you’re not sure which funds to choose please seek advice from a financial adviser.

MyFolio Active fundsVolatility rating*


MyFolio Active I 3 1.15%
MyFolio Active II 4 1.20%
MyFolio Active III 4 1.25%
MyFolio Active IV 4 1.30%
MyFolio Active V 4 1.35%

MyFolio Market fundsVolatility rating*


MyFolio Market I 3 0.95%
MyFolio Market II 4 1%
MyFolio Market III 4 1.05%
MyFolio Market IV 4 1.10%
MyFolio Market V 5 1.15%

Synergy FundVolatility rating*Annual management charge
Cash** 1 1%
Euro Global Liquidity 1 1%
Absolute Return Global Bond Strategies 3 1.2%
Corporate Bond 3 1%
Global Absolute Return Strategies 3 1.35%
Property 4 1.20%
Cautious Managed
4 1%
Enhanced-Divisification Growth 4 1.25%
Fixed Interest
4 1%
Global Inflation Linked Bond 4 1%
Managed 4 1%
European Equity 5 1%
European Smaller Companies 5 1.50%
Global REIT 5 1.45%
Global Equity 5 1%
Global Smaller Companies 5 1.55%
UK Smaller Companies 5 1.30%
North American Equity 5 1%
UK Equity 5 1%
Asia Pacific Equity 5 1%
Japanese Equity 6 1%
European Ethical Equity 5 1.30%
China Equity 6 1.50%
India Equity**
6 1.50%

*Source: Standard Life Investments as at 28 February 2017

**Not available on the Synergy PRSA

We recommend you speak to a financial adviser before choosing funds

Fund name changes

The name of the Global Selector Fund is changing to the Global Equity Fund and the name of the Pacific Basin Equity Fund is changing to the Asia Pacific Equity Fund.

This is to bring them in line with the underlying fund they invest in.