Approved Retirement Funds

About these prices

The prices on this page are guides only for the date shown and may be rounded. The price used for a transaction will depend on the date and the time of your request. The exact price used in a transaction may vary from the price shown here.

The Cash fund has been closed to new investments and fund switches on most products since 9 June 2010.

The Standard Life Barclays Multi-Asset Protected 85, Cash and India Equity funds are not available on the Synergy PRSA.

You’ll probably be one of many investors in each fund you’re invested in. Sometimes, in exceptional circumstances, we may wait before we carry out your request to switch your funds, transfer or cash in your policy. This is to maintain fairness between those remaining in and those leaving the fund.

This delay could be for up to a month. But for some funds, the delay could be longer, for example, if it’s a property based fund, it may be up to 12 months because property and land can take longer to sell.

If we have to delay switching, transferring or cashing in, we’ll use the fund prices on the day the transaction takes place – these prices could be very different from the prices on the day you made the request.

Before you choose a fund you should read its latest factsheet. We recommend you also speak to your financial adviser.

Fund range

Currently, not all funds on the Approved retirement funds are listed opposite. See the fund range leaflet for the full list.