Important information and reports

With profits documents

Bonus update

This is the most recent briefing for with-profits bonus update.

With-profits Bonus Update

With-Profits Operating Principles

This document sets out our With-Profits Operating Principles. These are the principles by which we manage our Heritage With-Profits Fund and the business in it.

With-Profits Operating Principles

Annual Report on Heritage With-Profits Fund

This is the most recent annual report.

Annual Report on Heritage With-Profits Fund

Investment report

This is the most recent quarterly with profits investment report. It sets out the mix of assets for different categories of with profits business and the investment returns on these assets.

With-Profits Investment Report

Inherited Estate

This document explains how your payout may benefit from any distributions being made from the Inherited Estate of the Heritage With-Profits Fund when your with-profits investment comes to an end.

With-Profits Inherited Estate

With-profits unit prices

We don’t publish unit prices for any of our with-profits funds. On its own, the price is unlikely to provide a full and fair view of what a with-profits investment is worth. This is because of the effects on policy values of any

  • smoothing,
  • inherited estate top-up,
  • final bonus, or
  • unit price reduction.

These vary from one policy to another depending on when payments were made.