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Our community involvement

Our business has an impact on the communities we work in. It’s our responsibility to give something back. This year we are proudly supporting ARC Cancer Support Centres.

ARC supports people affected by cancer

And we want to help them.


We choose our charity partners by asking employees who they'd like to support and organise fund raising activities throughout the year to support our selected charity.

ARC will benefit from our combined fundraising efforts this year.

About ARC

ARC Cancer Support offers support to anyone affected by cancer and those who care for them. The support is holistic and complements medical treatment with counselling, psychological support, complementary treatments and care. 

ARC Survivorship Programme

The funds we‘ll raise over the coming months will go towards helping ARC deliver a Survivorship Programme which seeks to the improve quality of life outcomes for cancer survivors by:

  • Promoting recovery
  • Building resilience
  • Enabling educational & vocational rehabilitation
  • Sustaining recovery, and
  • Supporting people to live well

The programme has the potential to reach over 13,000 cancer survivors.


August 2016 - March 2017


From August 2016 to March 2017 we raised over €20,000 !
These funds will be used to ensure that ARC can continue to provide their services free of charge.

Thank you to all our employees and advisers for donating time and money so generously- stay tuned for updates on progress!


This year Standard Life Assurance Ireland Ltd won the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the 2017 Longboat Analytics Financial Services Awards. This award recognises our commitment of resources and time to achieve significant and sustainable benefits in our community.


We've been supporting the community through a number of initiatives since 1998. We also contribute to the community by donating in kind.

Involving our people in community investment is important to us.

It gives us the opportunity to share skills and knowledge – and it also helps us develop new skills. That is why our volunteering policy provides paid time off to for staff to continue their valuable work in their own communities.

Every year, our Inspiration Awards celebrate individuals and teams whose achievements make a difference in their communities.