Combining your pensions

One policy. One place. One future.

Get your retirement policy in gear

Table why start a pension

Do you have lots of pensions with different providers? Bringing them together could make financial sense.

Here's why

  • Everything's in one place - you know where everything is, saving you time when it comes to managing your pensions
  • It could mean lower charges - instead of  a charge per pension, one set of charges could save you money
  • Track performance quickly and simply - transferring existing pensions into one place makes it easier to monitor how your pension is performing
  • More options - you may be able to choose more investment options

Important things to consider

Bringing all pensions together may not suit your individual circumstances as some pensions have more generous benefits and/or can charge to transfer. Also there's no guarantee that your investment at retirement will be worth more if you move it.  

Any decision you make now will affect your lifestyle in retirement.

Talk to your financial adviser to help you make the right decision.