What is a personal pension?

A personal pension is a long-term investment designed to help you save money for your retirement. You make regular contributions during your working life, and/or lump sum (single premium) contributions from time to time. Then you use the money you've saved to buy a retirement product that gives you the financial support you need. 

Everyone's pension is different and depends on their individual circumstances, how much they're able to contribute, the kind of policy they have and much more. It's best to speak with a financial adviser before you start a pension plan. They'll help you make sure it's right for your needs.


Who can have a personal pension?

You can have a personal pension if you're self-employed or don't have a company pension. You might also be able to set one up if you are in a company pension plan but you're also earning an income elsewhere. 


Why choose a Synergy Personal Pension?

A Synergy Personal Pension gives you a flexible way to save for retirement. You can choose where your money is invested from a wide range of options. You can also decide whether to make single, monthly or yearly payments – and you can stop, change or restart those payments at any time. All payments, which can be from €175 a month, qualify for tax relief within Revenue limits, based on age and net relevant earnings.


Investment options with Standard Life

You have a range of investment options to choose from with Standard Life, so you can be adventurous or cautious or anything in between. You'll find more information about those choices on our investment options page.

Each option carries a different level of risk, so it's important that you understand how they could impact your financial goals by speaking to a financial adviser.

If you're not sure how you feel about risk, our Risk Profiler will give you a starting point – but we'd always recommend speaking with a financial adviser too.


Getting started in investment

Investment is usually a medium or long-term commitment, so deciding on the right products is important. As always, we'd recommend speaking with a financial adviser first. We can't offer you financial advice or make recommendations about which investment might be right for you. 

If you're comfortable taking charge of your own investment decisions, please call us on 01 639 7070 and we'll be happy to:

  • Help you buy a product
  • Give you factual information
  • Provide illustrations and send you an information pack
  • Answer any technical questions
  • Carry out your instructions


Warning: If you invest in this product you will not have any access to your money until retire

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up

Warning: This investment may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates

Warning:  If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest

Before you apply

Please read the Key Features document in full before you download and complete the personal pension application form. It gives you important information about the product that will help you be certain it will meet your needs.


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