The Standard Life retail websites have been designed to be viewed on all mainstream computers and internet browsers, including magnification and speech browsers for the visually impaired. Please note that the following guide is for Windows users. For other computers and operating systems, please consult your manual.

How can you check your browser resolution is set up correctly?

From the Start Menu choose settings and control panel: 


Once the control panel is open double click on the Display Icon shown:


From the window that opens choose the Settings tab located in the far right-hand corner:


You will now be able to adjust the screen resolution from here*
Choose from the colour quality: Highest (32bit):


* Please note that Standard Life cannot accept liability for any damage to your personal computer on changing your settings. Note that if your monitor and computer are of a certain age then they may not be able to change settings as suggested.


From time to time a page may not display as you would wish. This can be caused by issues such as missing graphics or elements being stored (known as cached) from a previous session.

If you run into any such problems then it is best to completely refresh your page. To do this either hit the refresh icon in your browser tool bar or, on your keyboard, press Ctrl and F5 together.


If you find that the text is too large or too small then there are ways to increase or decrease the font size. This is also dependent on the type of browser you are using.

Internet Explorer





All product guides and investment reports can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat® Reader. This can be downloaded via the Adobe website. If you have accessibility problems viewing these documents then you can also use the accessibility tools provided by Adobe access.


Wherever possible ensure that your version of Adobe Acrobat® Reader is the most recent. When viewing a PDF document you can also save the document. When in view mode click on the disk icon within the Adobe Acrobat window.