My Second Life.

My Way.

There's a lot to look forward to

At Standard Life we want you to make the most of your Second Life. Your Second Life is your life in retirement. It’s a time where you can choose to live life on your terms.

Whoever your pension is with now, talk to your financial adviser today about the Second Life you’d like to live and what
Standard Life can do to help you live it.

Or take a look at some of our Second Life stories to find out more.

Gráinne's story

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Is this it? Will I be defined as a person who’s worked for the same organisation all of my life or could I do something else? I love an audience.
Retiring has allowed me to discover a talent which I think I always had.
The position of tour guide in Glasnevin cemetery was advertised just as I was walking out the door of that 30 year employment.
The lightbulb moment was one that will remain with me forever. I sat up straight in bed and said oh my goodness, there’s my job.
The graveyard is now my stage and on a daily basis I need to step on that stage and perform.
I probably am a little bit different to some of the other tour guides in that I like to sing at some of the graves.
I would actually do this for no payment whatsoever, I love it so much.
Within us all is the power to actually make a change in our lives.
I might be retired but I’m not tired.
My name is Gráinne and this is my Second Life.

'The lightbulb moment was one that will remain with me forever'

A lightbulb moment is what led Gráinne to her Second Life. With the right retirement plan in place, you can have the freedom to explore your passions in your Second Life.

Consider the choices you can make at retirement to help you live life on your terms.

You can choose to leave your pension invested so that it has the chance to grow and take some income from it as you need to. Or you can buy a guaranteed fixed income for life. Find out more below.

Live on it and keep investing   Live on it 



William’s story

‘Give it socks, find your voice and then just do it for the rest of your life’

William spends his life doing what he loves and starts every day with an easy heart.

Whether like William you’ve found your voice in life or you’re still searching, having the right financial plan in place can help you live the life you love, on your terms. A pension is a good place to start.

Take a look at your pension options today.

What pension is right for you?



Annual Market Review and Outlook

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Your purpose in life is to find your voice.

I worked a variety of roles in the brewing world.

I didn’t give retirement an awful lot of thought

I think if I had done, I probably wouldn’t have retired. And if I hadn’t retired, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Well, the first four years were great. I spent a lot of time in West Cork.

I just found myself getting itchy feet again.

I thought, ‘Jeez, there must be more to life than this’.

I started getting back into brewing with some friends of mine, and boom I was ready to go, you know?

It is wonderful to have that have that second opportunity. It’s a small company and I do all the brewing, it’s cool!

I think people our age have a huge amount to offer.

I would encourage anyone who is retiring, go out and find your voice.

Give it socks, find your voice, and then just do it for the rest of your life.

The whole world is at your feet, just get off your knees, you know!

My name is William. This is my Second Life.

Roland's story

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Just got the free bus pass, haven’t used it yet.
I come from a farming background. I worked in the industry for forty years with some success.
I was fifty eight years old when I retired.
Be it voluntary or working, when you retire you need to do something that you regard as fun so that you go whistling and dancing to work each day.
I get up every morning cos I look forward to what I’m doing.
I’m very involved in the local cricket club. Myself and two other chaps, we’re the groundsmen.
We arrive out onto a ground, prepare it fully – cut the grass, mark it and then we head for coffee and we solve the problems of the world.
Once people are financially secure, choices they have are very open.
Liz and I have one son, Lee. Lee went to a wedding in America 10 years ago and he met the love of his life.
The singularly most important thing is my grandchildren.
We skype them everyday. I have some of the toys the same as the older fella so we can both play with our fire engines together.
As the saying goes, if I had known how wonderful grandchildren are I’d have had them first.
My name is Roland and this is my Second Life.


‘Once people are financially secure, the choices they have are very open’

Roland’s Second Life has opened up a lot more time to spend with the people that mean the most to him, his grandchildren and local cricket community.  Sometimes it’s the little moments that matter the most.

Talk to your financial adviser today about how you can plan for moments that matter, in your Second Life.

Or you can find out more below about choices you can make for your pension in retirement.

Live on it and keep investing   Live on it 



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