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Retirement may seem a long way away but it’s never too early to start planning for the Second Life you want to lead.

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Just got the free bus pass, haven’t used it yet.
I come from a farming background. I worked in the industry for forty years with some success.
I was fifty eight years old when I retired.
Be it voluntary or working, when you retire you need to do something that you regard as fun so that you go whistling and dancing to work each day.
I get up every morning cos I look forward to what I’m doing.
I’m very involved in the local cricket club. Myself and two other chaps, we’re the groundsmen.
We arrive out onto a ground, prepare it fully – cut the grass, mark it and then we head for coffee and we solve the problems of the world.
Once people are financially secure, choices they have are very open.
Liz and I have one son, Lee. Lee went to a wedding in America 10 years ago and he met the love of his life.
The singularly most important thing is my grandchildren.
We skype them everyday. I have some of the toys the same as the older fella so we can both play with our fire engines together.
As the saying goes, if I had known how wonderful grandchildren are I’d have had them first.
My name is Roland and this is my Second Life.


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