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Deposit rates on 14 May 2018

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the deposit you select meets your needs so it is important that you seek appropriate financial advice.
  • Standard Life does not endorse or recommend any deposit or deposit provider and is not responsible for a deposit’s performance or the solvency of a deposit provider.
  • In the event of a deposit provider being unable to meet any claims against it, money from your policy held with that provider will not be covered by schemes such as the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or the Deposit Guarantee Scheme.
  • Synergy product charges apply, including a management charge at 1% per annum. The return on your Self-Directed Option will also be affected by the fund based renewal commission you have agreed with your financial adviser.
  • When you invest in this Self-Directed Option, a policy cash account will be set up within your policy to facilitate your Self-Directed Options and from which payments are credited and deducted. The policy cash account is provided by a third party deposit provider. For further information, see the Key Features documents and Self-Directed Options guide (SYSD01). The interest rate payable on the policy cash account is 0.00% AER.0.00% AER.

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Deposits available through the Self-Directed Option on Synergy pensions and investments


BankTermInterest Rate
Ulster Bank Ireland 12 month fixed (minimum €5,000) 0.00% Over term / 0.00% AER

For earlier variable rates, please call us on (01) 639 7000  

There may be other deposit terms and providers not shown here which are available as an investment option. Call us on (01) 639 7000 or email customerservice@standardlife.ie for more information.

For Fixed Term deposits interest is applied annually                                                          

  • The rates may change or be withdrawn at short notice. The rate you get is the rate available on the day the money is received by your chosen provider. This may take up to five working days.
  • At the end of your fixed term deposit, the value of the deposit will be lodged to your policy cash account. You should then consider your investment options and seek appropriate financial advice.
  • AER is the annual equivalent rate and shows what the interest rate would be if compounded and paid each year



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