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Execution-only stockbroking

Through our execution-only stockbroking option, you can deal online or over the telephone to buy company shares, bonds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). For further information on the Stocktrade offering please read the Self-Directed Options Guide.

You control your investments

You control how your money is invested by deciding what to buy and sell and when.


When you invest in this Self-Directed Option, a policy cash account will be set up within your policy to facilitate your Self-Directed Options and from which payments are credited and deducted. The policy cash account is a deposit account provided by a third party. For further information, see the Key Features documents on the relevent product page and the Self-Directed Options Guide. The interest rate payable on the policy cash account is 0.00% AER*.

*As at 21 July 2016.

What are company shares?

Company shares (sometimes called stocks) are units of ownership of a company which are bought and sold through stock exchanges.

What are bonds?

Bonds are loans to a government (government bonds, gilts) or a company (corporate bonds), usually for a set length of time.

What company shares or bonds can I invest in?

You can invest in company shares, government bonds or corporate bonds quoted on a regulated stock exchange, for example, a Public Limited Company or bond quoted on the Irish Stock Exchange.

What is an exchange traded fund (ETF)?

An ETF is like an index or tracker fund, and it trades on regulated stock exchanges just like company shares. You can invest in ETFs linked to commodities such as gold, water and clean energy, and check prices online, just like shares.

What types of ETFs can I invest in?

You can invest in ETFs based on specialist sectors such as:

  • commodities
  • small, mid and large cap securities
  • bonds
  • private equity

    You can invest in company shares, bonds and ETFs through the following products:
  • Synergy Executive Pension
  • Synergy Personal Pension
  • Synergy approved retirement funds
  • Synergy Portfolio approved retirement funds
  • Synergy Buy Out Bond

You can only invest in ETFs through the Synergy Investment Bond and Synergy Regular Invest

You can only invest in company shares and bonds through the Synergy PRSA.

Do you hold shares through your policy?

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up

Warning: This investment may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates

Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest