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 P60 requests and Annuity/ARF payments

Under the Revenue's 2019 PAYE modernisation programme, employers and pension providers no longer issue P60s. Instead, you can log into your Revenue myAccount

Under 'PAYE Services', click on 'Review Your Tax 2016-2019' to view your 2019 Employment Detail Summary. It contains your income and deduction details for all your employments in that year, as reported to Revenue by your employers and/or pension providers. The information can be used in the same manner as the old P60 form, for example, as proof of income to a third party.

You can 'Create document' to save and/or print it. If you have trouble registering or accessing your Revenue myAccount or viewing your Employment Detail Summary, please call Revenue on
(01) 738 3636.

For information on your annuity and/or ARF deductions and payments, see our Guide to your payments.

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