For clients who already have with-profits investments, it's important to be able to explain how it works to make sure they can access all the benefits.  

All our with-profits funds are monitored by our independent With-Profits Committee to make sure they are operated fairly for all policy holders. 

With-profits investments - an overview

  • With-profits are medium to long-term investment options 
    They may form all or part of a pension fund, a with-profits bond or another savings product. We invest the client’s money in a mix of assets, like equities, bonds and money market instruments including cash. We then use the return on those assets to create the payout.
  • Compared to some other investment types, with-profits investments are relatively secure. 
    Some offer guaranteed payouts, offering a safety net against poor market performance. Even without a guarantee, clients still have some protection through a process called smoothing.

Smoothing out market ups and downs

To help protect clients from short-term market lows, our with-profits investments offer smoothing to even out the market's ups and downs. That provides some protection and stability to policy values or annuity instalments. 



Whether your client's policy is protected by a guarantee depends on the product they hold. There's none, for example, in our Pension With Profits Fund A, Pension With Profits Fund D or Standard Life With Profits Fund.  

Similarly, bonuses only apply to with-profits investments that offer a guarantee. You can find out latest with-profits bonus update here.

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