Guide to the Synergy Investment Bond

One of the main hurdles that can stop people from investing is the idea that to do so locks their money away. We’re removing that hurdle by offering a way to invest with the option of taking regular or ad hoc withdrawals if needed. 

An investment that changes as you need it to

Our Synergy Investment Bond is a way to invest a lump sum, with the aim of generating growth over the long term. It allows the investor to choose from a range of options, as well as giving them the ability to take regular and/or occasional withdrawals.

It’s designed to offer flexibility to clients who want:

  • The potential for long term capital growth
  • Access to their investment, either regular or ad-hoc
  • A way to, among other things, complement pension savings, save for a new home or pay for third level education 
  • A range of investment options

We’ve also improved our pricing options (AMCs from 0.40%) to give you and your clients better value, flexibility and consistency across our product range.

How the Synergy Investment Bond works

The Synergy Investment Bond allows clients to invest an initial lump sum of €10,000 or more, with the option to add top ups from €5,000 and to make withdrawals. Clients can choose to invest in:

While this product is intended to be a long-term investment, clients can also cash in early, although they should be aware that there may be an early encashment charge. We’ve created a flexible and clear pricing structure so your client can easily understand any charges that do apply. 

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