Access to savings with potential for growth

An Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) is a flexible way to provide retirement income from pension savings. Policyholders can withdraw money as needed, leaving the rest invested to give it a chance to grow. 

For clients who want to access their pension savings, but still want growth, the Synergy ARF could be the right way to go.  

After taking their cash lump sum (some or all of which may be tax-free), they invest some or all of their remaining savings in an ARF. They can make withdrawals as needed or set up a regular income. The balance of the savings stay in the fund, giving it a chance to grow.

It’s a great product for clients who want:

  • Access to their investment in retirement while retaining potential for long term capital growth
  • A range of investment options
  • To leave the remaining fund to their estate after they die

Clients can set up an ARF by investing €10,000 or more, with the option to top up by €5,000 or more. It’s suitable for those investing money from:

  • A personal pension policy
  • A personal retirement savings account
  • Additional voluntary contributions
  • Another ARF
  • A defined contribution occupational pension scheme
  • A buy out bond

Investment options

Clients have a range of investment options to choose from, so they can be adventurous or cautious or anything in between. If they’re not sure how they feel about risk, our Risk Profiler could help them decide. They can choose to invest in:

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