Supporting clients and advisers

We've worked with Oxford Risk, an independent team of leading academics who originated from Oxford University, to develop this risk questionnaire. It will help your clients to think about their attitudes to risk and the kind of investments they're comfortable making.

It also helps you meet compliance requirements and produces a customised report for each client who completes the questionnaire.

Completing the questionnaire

As a financial adviser, you want to help your clients think clearly about the investment choices they make. This short questionnaire will help you do that by establishing their investor risk profile. Knowing that will help you choose investment options that best suit their attitudes and needs. It's worth noting that this questionnaire won't help if your client is completely risk averse.

Once you know your client's score, you can guide them through our range of investment options to check which might be of most interest.

Ready to start?

Use the Risk Questionnaire now to help clients find a suitable investment.

You can also download the Risk Questionnaire and the terms and conditions of its use as pdf files. 

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