Why use the investment proposal tool?

When recommending a Standard Life investment portfolio, this tool allows you to create a bespoke investment proposal for your clients in a few simple steps.

The investment proposal report contains the following:

  • investment fund mix
  • look-through asset allocation of the underlying portfolio 
  • risk and performance analysis
  • bespoke breakdown of charges and adviser commission
  • incorporate adviser logo


New features July 2024

  • Regular premiums can now be added on the following products: 
    • Synergy PRSA​
    • Synergy Personal Pension​
    • ​Synergy Regular Invest
  • Withdrawal options are now available on the Synergy Investment Bond (percentage or monetary amount)​ 
  • Vested PRSAs has been added as a new product option with withdrawal options also included.


Ready to start?

Use the Investment Proposal Tool now to create personalised resort for your clients.

You can view a sample investment proposal document here.

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