Helping your clients to plan for their retirement

Your clients want to look forward to the future – and their Second Life – with confidence. Here we've gathered some tips and tools you can use to help them plan for a fulfilling and financially sound Second Life.

Asking the right questions about retirement

Not every client will know exactly how they want to live their life in retirement. You can help them think about it using our Second Life Questionnaire. A series of simple questions about the non-financial aspects of retirement helps set out a vision of how they might like to enjoy their Second Life. The clearer that vision, the easier it is to identify the financial support they’re likely to need.

End of career guidance

If your clients need help in finding their path, look no further than Brian Mooney. A retired guidance teacher, he's a life coach, motivator and retirement specialist – and our end-of-career guidance counsellor. Meet Brian in the short video below.

Second Life Webinars

We offer a series of webinars that tell advisers about Second Life and the support we offer, helping you to understand and access the resources available to you. We also offer client-facing webinars that encourage your clients to start planning for their retirement. They make ideal tools for explaining the options they might want to consider. Talk to your business manager to find out more.

Retirement chats with Brian Mooney

We filmed our end-of-career guidance counsellor in conversation with a number of retirees. They share their experience of the journey to and through retirement, and the videos are full of tips, motivation and great advice from the people best qualified to give it. They’re a great way to prepare for client conversations, as well as useful guides for your clients to watch. 

           A change of direction
        A sense of purpose
            Finding your own way
  Being prepared
       Staying connected
            Living for the moment

The Second Life Guide

This useful document is designed to help your client understand the retirement planning process, from considering how they’ll fill their time to staying mentally and physically well. It also offers insights on the ways they might want to fund their Second Life, and some of the products they can use to do so. You or they can download it from our Retirement Hub or by clicking here.

Our retirement hub

There’s a whole range of information, insight and planning tools available to your clients on our Retirement Hub. They’ll find the videos described above, as well as some handy checklists to keep them on the right path. There’s also a calculator to help them consider the amount of income they might need. You’ll find the Hub useful when you’re helping your clients think about where they want their Second Life to take them.

More resources

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