Guide to the Synergy Regular Invest

Synergy Regular Invest is a product that suits both corporate and retail investors who share the goal of long-term, regular investment leading to capital growth.

It's designed to build a savings fund over time. Fund owners pay regular premiums from €125 a month, with the option to add single premiums of €500 or more when they want to. If the monthly premium is €500 or more, savers earn an additional 1% gross allocation rate on the increment they invest. They can choose where they'd like to invest from a mixture of assets. 

There's no fixed term and in fact the fund can be cashed in early, bearing in mind that there may be an early encashment charge for doing so within the first 5 years. 

It's well suited to corporate and retail investors who want:

  • To regularly invest for the long term
  • The potential for long term capital growth

For retail investors only, it's a way to:

  • Complement pension savings 
  • Save for a child's education 
  • Access a range of investment options 

Investment options:

Clients can choose to invest in a range of options held in:

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