Engaging with women on their pensions and retirement planning

As retirement specialists, we know how personal each retirement journey is. Research shows us that the desire for retirement planning among women is high. As industry leaders, we need to work on building confidence and break down the engagement barriers for women.

The working life of a woman is marked with milestones shaping their journey to retirement. Childbirth, child-rearing, and caring obligations can pull and push them in different directions at certain points.
Evidently, women need to start making time to begin their retirement planning. A simple step, like completing our Second Life Questionnaire can make a big difference in starting the journey.

Here are some of the key insights highlighting the confidence gap regarding pensions and retirement between men and women.

of women vs 35% of men are feeling scared/anxious thinking about retirement

Only 23%
of women vs 40% of men feel financially  prepared for retirement

2 in 5
women are concerned they won't be able to retire vs 33% of men

Source: Bringing retirement into focus, 2023. Standard Life.
















































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Financial inclusion to support retirement planning

Across Phoenix Group, we’re working on financial inclusion as a core pillar in our sustainability programme. We are living longer lives, with a greater number of years in retirement. Increasing financial inclusion to support retirement planning is now essential. As part of the Group, we have access to a deeper bank of research, enjoy a range of think tanks and thought leadership. 

For Standard Life, our key focus under this programme is women. We leverage Group resources to continuously develop our programme of inclusion.

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At Standard Life, we’ve built a platform that helps to re-frame retirement, Second Life. By connecting people, men, or women, to the potential of their future selves, we can begin to have more rounded conversations on how to get there.

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