What’s a vested PRSA?

The Synergy PRSA offers flexibility to people on their journey to retirement, giving them the freedom to choose from a range of investment options and enjoy the comfort of knowing they can adjust their contributions to fit their circumstances.  

The PRSA can act as a post-retirement option also. After taking a pension lump sum at retirement, policy holders can opt to remain invested and take a retirement income from the policy which would then become a Vested PRSA. Previously limited as an option to those under age 75, recent changes to legislation have removed this barrier, making the PRSA a ‘whole of life product’.    

A Vested PRSA a great option for clients who want: 

  • Access to their investment in retirement while retaining potential for long term capital growth 
  • A range of investment options 
  • To leave the remaining fund to their estate after they die

Investment options

Clients have a range of investment options to choose from, so they can be adventurous or cautious or anything in between. If they’re not sure how they feel about risk, our Risk Profiler could help them decide. They can choose to invest in:

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