Why choose MyFolio?

MyFolio funds give your clients a choice of investment funds at various risk levels, helping you to offer them funds that suit their differing needs and attitudes to risk.  

MyFolio gives you:

  • A cost-effective, outsourced investment solution that lets you focus on supporting your clients' objectives
  • A range of options to suit your clients' risk profiles and preferred investment styles
  • Long-term performance for each fund that corresponds to its risk level
  • Ongoing monitoring and rebalancing to continuously meet clients' risk and return objectives
  • Comprehensive adviser support including monthly performance updates, webcasts and fund reports

Choosing the right MyFolio fund

Once your client understands their attitude to risk, you can help them choose their preferred investment style. Choose from MyFolio Active, MyFolio Market, or create a blend of both.

Create a custom blend

You can mix active and passive investment styles within any given risk level without compromising your clients' risk profiles. That means you can create unique investment portfolios for each client relatively simply and at a reasonable cost.

How we support you and your clients

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