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We know your time is important. We don't want you to spend it printing, signing and scanning documents every time you send us an application. DocuSign sets up an electronic signature you can use instead.

Financial institutions around the world have adopted electronic signature services for enhanced security, fraud protection, speed and convenience. Clients have been quick to embrace the added security and convenience of the paperless service and accept that electronic signatures are a safer alternative to traditional signing.

We're happy to say we can now accept new business applications via DocuSign and other electronic signature services.

Why use an electronic signature service?

  • It saves you time, it’s more accurate, more secure and more visible. 
  • Why bother printing, signing and scanning or posting physical documents when everyone who needs to can sign in minutes? That’s becoming increasingly important as more and more people adopt a remote working environment.  
  • All the documentation and signatures are online, you can see who has signed and who has yet to sign. Plus a full audit trail from start to finish is included by way of a Certification of Completion.
  • It’s a great way to make sure that all the information needed is included in the form – incomplete fields are highlighted during the process. So fewer documents end up being returned because of missing or incorrect information.
  • As well as DocuSign, we accept signatures from Nitro, HelloSign, PandaDoc, SignNow, Adobe Sign and more, provided they meet the Simple Electronic Signature (SES) standard as a minimum. 
  • Electronic signatures are legally binding in Ireland under the Electronic Commerce Act 2000 and the same anti-money laundering rules apply to online applications as apply to physical application forms.

Registering for DocuSign

If you don't already have an electronic signature solution, you can register and use our DocuSign service to send us applications. It's a no-cost service, and you can get started in just three easy steps:

  1. Send your full name, company name and email address to
  2. We'll send you an activation link and password
  3. Click the enclosed link to activate your account

If you already have an electronic signature service

You can use your existing electronic signature service to send us applications, provided it includes a Certificate of Completion. Send your signed documentation, including the Certificate of Completion and any AML documents we might need to

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